The Basel Declaration

The Basel Declaration
The Basel Declaration

In November 2010, on the occasion of the first Basel conference “Research at a Crossroads“, more than 80 life science researchers from Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, France and Great Britain addressed the problems of animal research and adopted the “Basel Declaration“. The Declaration marks an unprecedented effort of the scientific community towards more trust, transparency and communication on animal research. The signatories, researchers in the life sciences sector, are committed to the 3R principle (Replace, Reduce, Refine), i.e., that animal testing in their area of expertise be planned and carried out with extreme care. In addition, they will contribute to providing society with open and transparent information about animal experiments. In return, the undersigned scientists expect society to recognize that animal experiments are essential for medical progress both now and in future.

Signatures in support of this Basel Declaration are being collected from its dedicated web site, from individual researchers and also from institutes, colleges, organizations and administrations. Dr. Karin Blumer, in her excellent talk on Animal Ethics, delivered at the recent TT2011 meeting held in Florida, already commented on this important initiative. She is involved in the Organizing Committee of the Meetings associated with this Basel Declaration. Other significant ISTT members, such as Dr. Johannes Wilbertz, first ISTT Vice-President and current ISTT Honorary Member, is serving as an Ambassador for the Basel Declaration.

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  1. It is my pleasure to inform you that the ISTT council has decided, unanimously, to support the Basel Declaration as a Society. Therefore I have registered the ISTT in support of this important initiave, in favour of animal research conducted with more trust, transparency and communication with the Society, committing ourselves to respect the 3R-principle, while also noting that experiments involving animals will continue to be essential for our progress in Biomedicine.

    A “Basel Declaration” logo and the indication that ISTT is supporting this initiative has been added on the front page of our web site:


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