The tg-list will be transferred to the ISTT web server

The tg-list will be transferred to the ISTT web server
The tg-list will be transferred to the ISTT web server

The International Society for Transgenic Technologies (ISTT) is pleased to announce that the transgenic-list (tg-l) owner and administrator, Dr. Peter Sobieszczuk and the ISTT have just signed an agreement to transfer the tg-l from its current location, at the web server of the Imperial College (London, UK), to the ISTT web server.

The tg-l was created by Peter Sobieszczuk in July, 1996, to serve the global research community specializing in genetic modifications of experimental laboratory animals. Since then, the tg-l has been hosted by three academic institutions: the IGBMC in Strasbourg, the University of Manchester, UK, and the Imperial College in London, UK where it is currently hosted. The ISTT would like to acknowledge the excellent work of Peter and his assistants in maintaining the list since its inception for the benefit of everyone who has been a part of this list. The tg-l has proven to be a valuable source of knowledge and advice, helping many newcomers to rapidly familiarize themselves with the field of animal transgenesis, and facilitating the exchange of protocols and experiences among all of its members.

The ISTT, in accordance with one of its main aims, as expressed in the ISTT bylaws (Art. 3a), is most proud to host the tg-l for the benefit of the entire community of scientists, technicians, students and anyone else, in general, interested in animal transgenesis.

At the ISTT server, the tg-l will continue being public (anyone may subscribe, including ISTT members and non-members alike), unmoderated (messages will not be altered by the list administrator) and closed (only subscribers may post messages). Subscription to the tg-l will also continue being free, automatic and very simple, from a suitable page that will be installed within the public area of the ISTT web server.

The actual transfer of tg-l from the Imperial College to the ISTT web server will not occur until current agreements in place will be fulfilled. This is expected to occur by December 31, 2011 or, earlier, whenever possible. The actual transfer will be duly informed in subsequent messages that will be posted through the ISTT_list and through the tg-l.

best regards,

Lluis Montoliu
President of the ISTT

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