Advanced Protocols for Animal Transgenesis. An ISTT Manual

Advanced Protocols for Animal Transgenesis. An ISTT Manual
Advanced Protocols for Animal Transgenesis. An ISTT Manual

The International Society for Transgenic Technologies (ISTT) is most pleased to announce the publication of its first book, entitled “Advanced Protocols for Animal Transgenesis. An ISTT Manual“, edited by Shirley Pease and Thom Saunders, and published by Springer (2011), in collaboration with the ISTT. This laboratory manual provides almost all current methods that can be applied to the creation and analysis of genetically modified animals. The chapters have been contributed by leading scientists, most of them members of the ISTT, who are actively using the technology in their laboratories. Based on their first-hand experience the authors also provide helpful notes and troubleshooting sections.

Topics range from standard techniques, such as pronuclear microinjection of DNA, to more sophisticated and modern methods, such as the derivation and establishment of embryonic stem (ES) cell lines, with defined inhibitors in cell culture medium. In addition, related topics with relevance to the field are addressed, including global web-based resources, legal issues, colony management, shipment of mice and embryos, and the three R’s: refinement, reduction and replacement. This book comprises 26 chapters, 109 illlustrations and 669 pages.

Table of contents, chapters of this ISTT Manual:

  • 1 Patent and Licensing Issues in Transgenic Technology. Karen S. Canady
  • 2 Global Resources: Including Gene Trapped ES Cell. Clones – Is Your Gene Already Knocked Out?. Lluis Montoliu
  • 3 Designing Transgenes for Optimal Expression. Eduardo Moltó, Cristina Vicente-García, and Lluis Montoliu
  • 4 Gene Targeting Vector Design for Embryonic Stem Cell Modifications. Thomas L. Saunders
  • 5 Transgenic Production Benchmarks. Thomas J. Fielder and Lluis Montoliu
  • 6 Generation of Transgenic Mice by Pronuclear Microinjection. Katja Becker and Boris Jerchow
  • 7 Generation of Transgenic Rats Using Microinjection of Plasmid DNA or Lentiviral Vectors. Séverine Ménoret, Séverine Remy, Laurent Tesson, Claire Usal, Anne-Laure Iscache, and Ignacio Anegon
  • 8 Generation of Transgenic Animals by Use of YACs. Almudena Fernández, Diego Muñoz, and Lluis Montoliu
  • 9 BAC Transgenes, DNA Purification, and Transgenic Mouse Production. Michael G. Zeidler, Margaret L. Van Keuren, and Thomas L. Saunders
  • 10 Generation of Transgenic Animals with Lentiviral Vectors. Carlos Lois
  • 11 Vertebrate Transgenesis by Transposition. Aron Geurts, Darius Balciunas, and Lajos Mates
  • 12 Rat Spermatogonial Stem Cell-Mediated Gene Transfer. Karen M. Chapman, Dalia Saidley-Alsaadi, Andrew E. Syvyk, James R. Shirley, Lindsay M. Thompson, and F. Kent Hamra
  • 13 Mouse Cloning by Nuclear Transfer. Sayaka Wakayama, Nguyen Van Thuan, and Teruhiko Wakayama
  • 14 Gene Targeting in Embryonic Stem Cells. Elizabeth D. Hughes and Thomas L. Saunders
  • 15 The Importance of Mouse ES Cell Line Selection. Wojtek Auerbach and Anna B. Auerbach
  • 16 Tetraploid Complementation Assay. Marina Gertsenstein
  • 17 Combining ES Cells with Embryos. Elizabeth Williams, Wojtek Auerbach, Thomas M. DeChiara, and Marina Gertsenstein
  • 18 Derivation of Murine ES Cell Lines. Kristina Nagy and Jennifer Nichols
  • 19 Rat Embryonic Stem Cell Derivation and Propagation. Ping Li, Eric N. Schulze, Chang Tong, and Qi-Long Ying
  • 20 Induced Pluripotency: Generation of iPS Cells from Mouse Embryonic Fibroblasts. Han Li, Katerina Strati, Verónica Dom?ínguez, Javier Martín, María Blasco, Manuel Serrano, and Sagrario Ortega
  • 21 The Preparation and Analysis of DNA for Use in Transgenic Technology. Anna B. Auerbach, Peter J. Romanienko, and Willie H. Mark
  • 22 Colony Management. Karen Brennan
  • 23 Cryopreservation. Belén Pintado and Juan de Dios Hourcade
  • 24 Shipment of Mice and Embryos. Shirley Pease
  • 25 Pathogen-Free Mouse Rederivation by IVF, Natural Mating and Hysterectomy. Jorge M. Sztein, R.J. Kastenmayer, and K.A. Perdue
  • 26 Refinement, Reduction, and Replacement. Jan Parker-Thornburg

ISTT Members are entitled to purchase this ISTT Manual with a 33% discount, through the members-only area of the web site.

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