Nantes 2009: meeting report

Nantes meeting on Transgenic Animals
Nantes meeting on Transgenic Animals

On June 8 2009 was held in Nantes, France, the international meeting “Transgenesis ; recent technical developments and applications”. This meeting is the second one of its kind to be organized by the Transgenic Rats Nantes facility from the INSERM UMR 643 and Biogenouest. The meeting was supported by several academic institutions, as well as private companies. The meeting received support and co-sponsorship from the International Society for Transgenic Technology (ISTT). Around 100 participants, from France but also in significant proportion from different European countries and Canada, attended the meeting and registration prices were kept as low as possible to facilitate the participation of students.

The meeting aimed to provide an update on recent technical developments in the generation of transgenic animals and in some of their applications. It was intended for Master, PhD and medical students with a background in molecular biology and genetics as an introduction to future work in these rapidly developing areas of research. It was also intended for post-docs and scientists already working in certain of these fields and who are interested in expanding their knowledge on the potential applications of these new techniques to their models. Here, you can download the corresponding meeting report.

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