ISTT Survey on Production of Transgenic Mice

At the TT2008 meeting, Tom Fielder (Univ. California-Irvine, USA) presented the ISTT Survey on Production of Transgenic Mice Production. This is a survey of transgenic mouse core facilities, conducted by the International Society for Transgenic Technologies (ISTT), for the purpose of establishing performance standards. The first part of this survey will focus on DNA microinjection.

Our goal is to obtain data from at least 100 different facilities world-wide. The more facilities that participate, the more reliable the results will be. All facilities will benefit from having officially recognized standards for such measures as embryo and pup yields, rates of transgenesis, etc., as well as the expected variability in such measures. Established facilities will be able to refer to independent standards in dealing with dissatisfied clients, and new facilities will be able to aim for an achievable goal. We may even be able to discover an optimum combination of factors that will allow every facility to improve.

Please, visit the WEB site of the ISTT Survey on Production of Transgenic Mice for additional information and for contributing your microinjection data. Thanks for your collaboration!.

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