“Transgenic list” (tg-l) is now the official list of ISTT

transgenic-list (tg-l)


The transgenic-list (tg-l), the reference channel of discussions on scientific and technical issues related to the generation and analysis of transgenic animals and transgenic research in general, established in its current format since July 1996 by Peter Sobieszczuk, has become the official list of the International Society for Transgenic Technologies (ISTT).

To illustrate this agreement, established between Peter Sobieszczuk (as the tg-list owner and therefore responsible person of the list) and Lluis Montoliu (as President of the ISTT) the ISTT will recommend and promote the use of tg-list to discuss any topic related with transgenic research. Likewise, the tg-list will announce this agreement in all messages, with a link to the ISTT WEB site.

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