Coat Color Genes

Coat Colour Genes

Want to know more about pigmentation in mammals?. Would like to understand the molecular basis of coat color formation in mice and humans?. Everything you always wanted to know about coat color genes is available from this WEB page, hosted at the European Society for Pigment Cell Research WEB site. This page contains now a lot of information about pigmentary genes in mice and humans and is maintained by Lluis Montoliu (CNB-CSIC, Madrid, Spain) and Dot Bennett (SGUL, London, UK).

Tyrosinase chinchilla alleleTyrosinase albino and wild-type allelesTyrosinase chinchilla-mottled and extreme dilution mottled allelesPinkeyed dilution mutant alleleBelted mutant mice

This WEB page also hosts a number of illustrative images of mouse coat color mutants depicting the phenotype associated with each allele. These images have been generously provided by colleagues, within the Pigment Cell community, who kindly agreed to share their pictures.

Hope this will be useful and you’ll enjoy visiting the page…

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